Step Up Trainer: Simply THE BEST Stair Stepper / Cross-trainer!

NO-IMPACT training using your own body weight with full extension stepping.

  • CROSS TRAINING, non-impact with maximum benefits?

  • FULL BODY WORKOUT adjustable to anyone’s fitness ability?

  • CARDIO workout equivalent to running without the impact?

  • STRENGTH TRAINING without using 4 machines or weights?

  • BURN MORE CALORIES on Step Up Trainer vs. Bike riding

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Auto Dealer Comments

Fitness Director Comments

Stepping / Riding

“May work for Handicapped Son”

It’s a “TRIP” to Ride

Strength Training

Strength and resistance training on multiple muscle groups.

Cross Training

Patented design delivers perfect 38% angle stepping motion.

Full Body Workout

Achieve maximum cardio and interval training.

Casual Exercise

It’s NOT a bike, it’s NOT a Stair Stepper, it’s a Step UP Trainer.

Chris Osgood Testimonial

“At first, I was wondering, ‘What is this thing?’ — by the way, designed and fabricated in Detroit —  this thing is outstanding. It’s a great workout and I found that it was easier than I expected, to be honest.”

“It’s a great workout. It’s not just about your legs either. When I got off it, my arms, my shoulders, it was a full body workout and the good thing about it is, it can be as hard as you want it to be, it can be as easy as you want it to be.”

Chris Osgood

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